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 Sculptures pièces uniques métal, polyester, inclusion de résine cristal,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_pigments. 

Yukape 2023.jpg

Angeel # 6 - dimensions 41x 20x 93 cm - year 2019


“I started working on volume in the early 1990s after my installation in a  old warehouse at the Champigny Marne French rattan site . 

Ce sera une époque riche de rencontres et de projets artistiques collectifs.    _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  

By cohabiting with certain artists present on site, I also carried out my first experiments mixing the nascent video  with installations of ephemeral sculptures with a commitment in favor of the realization of self-produced scenic experiences in the direction of a art without borders . 

During a visit to the faculty, I will have  the leisure to check the importance for the artist already engaged that I am de préserver cette autonomie intellectuelle dans ma pratique tout en continuant  la production d'un travail de sculpture estampillée «  régressive" with regard to other installations and digital experiments that I propose in the exhibitions that I will create during the same period"-Extract - I have an idea sculpture -   August 2018

Nidoo 49x 24x 10 cm
JONAAS#6 79x138x40
JONAAS# 2 60x55x43
JONAAS# 5 65x46x30
L'amateur 21x 17x 10 cm
JONAAS# 9 150 cm
GEAA 760x530x260
XYLAA 580x450x350
PERSIAA 820x660x270
SWAAN 890x430x420
CELAAN 670x220x290
Carapaa 31x 33x 10 cm
SANS TITRE 300x320x800
MOODI#1 600X440X300
NATUBAA 910x700x290 2010
ANTARESS 450x380x200
FUGOO 50x56x30
ELIAA 720x520x220
L'ECHAPPEE #3 410x350x290
JACOOB 380x280x200
L'ECHAPPÉE 740x740x270
LUX 720x500x640
SALVATIOO 260x200x220
Fig au 5 jardins 500x500x300 2007
BURUNDII 520x390x300
Lobii 40x 19x 15 cm
UNIVOK 540x300x300
Igapoo 33x 21x 14 cm
LINCOLNS 500x503x480
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