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  Bungalaand 2019 series, uv color prints of 10 copies on baryta paper - 42x60 cm

 "This series is part of a set of photographic works that I undertook some time ago, it makes sense in my mind with the idea of territorial entropy, it that is to say the way in which certain landscapes are transformed according to migratory upheavals, but also social and economic factors which lead either to the desertification of certain zones, or to their over-occupation.

We feel in contact with these landscapes a geological permanence combined with reminiscences due to the footprints left

by past human activities . 

Thus certain places are undergoing rapid changes, human history is piling up there, it composes the strata which structure little by little a hostile or welcoming natural environment " - _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_excerpt - a sense of the photographic image -  S Daireaux 2018 . 


Fulviaa series, color prints in 10 copies uv ink on paper baryté-24x36 cm  

Voog 2018 series,  uv prints under 3mm plexiglass, unique pieces in 60x120 cm format

Voog# 34 18x40
Voog# 41 18x40
Voog# 38 18x40
Voog# 44 18x40
Voog# 29 18x40
Voog# 14 18x40

Lianoo 2016 series, uv prints in vitrophanie on pmma 4mm, unique pieces in 40x75 cm format

LIANOO#18 450x800
LIANOO#14 450x800
LIANOO#10 450x800
LIANOO#6 450x800
LIANOO#4 450x800
LIANOO#3 450x800
LIANOO#11 450x800
LIANOO#7 450x800
LIANOO#8 450x800

 Série Wistaa 2016, tirages en noir et blanc sur papier baryté -10 exemplaires numérotés- 20x20 cm 

Series Loguy 2011, black and white prints on paper baryte-10 numbered copies - 42x60 cm_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3cfb-136d_bad5

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